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Outsourcing 2.0

Varsys has a prominent role in Outsourcing 2.0, the new trend in global software outsourcing. It focuses on methods, technologies, and internal efficiencies that generate predictable outcomes and successful alignment of business and technology.

Advanced Technologies

Outsourcing 2.0 utilizes advanced technologies, such as Web 2.0 and VoIP, to provide robust collaboration platform and tools and generate synergy between all parties involved in software development. Lack of communication between customer and software development teams in outsourcing 1.0 usually lead to unpredictable results, loss of trust, and never-completed projects.

Varsys uses the latest technologies to put our customers in charge of their software development projects and provide improved visibility into project status information. All our clients have online access to product development tracking and collaboration system, which allows them to:

  • Check overall product development progress.
  • Keep track of project timeline and deliverables.
  • Obtain reports, charts, and graphs.
  • Communicate with the project manager.
  • Request a product enhancement or other change.
  • Track and manage post-release bugs and issues: report problems, check their status, and receive email notification when the problems are resolved.

US Business Efficiency

In Outsourcing 1.0, services of the offshore software development company would not go beyond coding and functionality testing.

However, project success depends on much more than just quality code writing. Feasibility study, business analysis, system prototyping and design, quality assurance, and maintenance are all important stages of product software development.

Varsys is uniquely positioned in the global outsourcing market to offer the full spectrum of software development services and bring you the best from two worlds: the trust and project management skills of a US company and the affordable engineering talent of Eastern European teams.

Innovative Methodologies

In Outsourcing 1.0, offshore development companies use Waterfall development methodology, but this does not always work well. For example, in cases where requirements supporting the business objectives are not easily defined, only iterative methods can ensure the project’s success.

In Outsourcing 2.0, the best-suited development method will meet customer business objectives. Iterative software development methodologies, which rely on client interaction and superior project management skills, become a reality through US business efficiency and advanced collaboration technologies.

Varsys leads the way in the use of advanced software development techniques, such as distributed Agile, XP, Scrum, RUP, and custom hybrid methodologies built for specific clients and projects.

Bottom Line

Varsys uses the latest technologies, advanced methodologies, and our unique position in global outsourcing market to bring you the benefits of Outsourcing 2.0.