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Varsys’ formal and structured software development life cycle model uses the latest methodologies. Product development process usually begins on-site with a team of Varsys' analysts led by the project manager who conducts an initial requirement definition and analysis phase. Our meticulous design and construction phases are executed under the direction of a project development team. User acceptance testing and handing-over are done on-site, and Varsys helps in implementation, installation, and user training.

Projects accepted and initiated will follow the five-stage standard Software Development Life Cycle:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Release and Maintenance

Requirement Analysis
The first stage analyzes the information needs of the end users. Feasibility studies identify if the managements' concept of their desired system is achievable in terms of money and time. Some Varsys clients need to update an existing system, rather than replace it.

The software development process describes the system’s overall structure and all relevant details. The system architecture, database design, data types, and structure design are clarified, populating a software development roadmap with specifications for hardware, software, and people and data resources.

Varsys programmers write code and perform the product testing to exact specifications.

Different tests of software modules are performed.

Release and Maintenance
Varsys incorporates the system into the actual business environment, creates user documentation, and trains system users. Ongoing product maintenance ensures the system is in compliance with new organizational requirements. Help desks provide timely and personal end-user support.